Video: Authenticate 2020: Targets Journey Towards Password-less Authentication

Speaker: Nataraj Rao, Target and Manish Khedawat, Target
Target’s Identity & Access Management team constantly explores new technologies, solutions and techniques to improve and secure the team member login experience when accessing enterprise applications. The goal is to achieve a frictionless, yet secure login experience for hundreds of applications that are integrated with Target’s Single Sign on (SSO) platform.
\Target’s FIDO2 server is certified by FIDO alliance and has gone through a formal certification process. The certification includes comprehensive self-validation conformance tests, followed by interoperability testing against authenticators from multiple vendors. This session will cover how Target has successfully implemented FIDO2 as a second factor authenticator for all SSO-integrated production applications and is also testing FIDO2 as a primary authentication option to achieve a truly password-less experience.