Increase your revenue, reduce operational costs and make a better product: How your company can benefit from Customer Experience

Session Details

Companies identified as CX leaders were 3x more likely to exceed their top business goals. Adobe, “”2020 Digital Trends””

When organizations invest in UX during the concept phase, they reduce product development cycles by 33 to 50%. Interaction Design Foundation, “”Improve Customer Experience With UX Investments That Increase ROI””

The cost of fixing an error after development is 100x that of fixing it before development. Dr. Susan Weinschenk, “The ROI of User Experience”

Does your company spend precious resources building products and features that don’t ship?
Do your salespeople struggle to demonstrate your product because it’s hard to explain?
Are your support center call numbers through the roof?

These are just a few of the common problems that a solid customer experience approach solves. And yet, most companies either don’t invest in Customer Experience at all, or — if they do — they get it all wrong. In this interactive program, Anne will share the tremendous value CX done right will deliver, and how to set your company up for success by leveraging CX the right way.

This interactive program will teach you:
1. The tremendous value CX done right will deliver
2. The most common CX-related mistakes to avoid
3. How to set your company up for success by leveraging CX the right way