Overcoming the Challenges of FIDO2 Adoption in Nigeria and Africa: Current Trends and Actionable Strategies

Session Details

This presentation will focus on the challenges of FIDO2 adoption in Nigeria and Africa, and provide insights on current trends and actionable strategies to overcome them. Nigeria and Africa are rapidly adopting digital technologies, with more people using mobile devices and accessing online services. However, there are still significant challenges in terms of security and user authentication. The FIDO2 authentication protocol offers a solution to these challenges, but adoption has been slow due to various factors such as lack of awareness, insufficient infrastructure, and low levels of digital literacy.

This presentation will explore these challenges in detail and provide practical strategies to overcome them. The speaker, a Nigerian expert in cybersecurity and digital identity, will share insights and best practices from real-world FIDO2 implementations in Nigeria and Africa. The presentation will cover topics such as building awareness and education programs, developing partnerships with stakeholders, and leveraging existing infrastructure to support FIDO2 adoption. The speaker will also share examples of successful FIDO2 implementations and their impact on user experience and security.

Attendees will leave this presentation with a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities of FIDO2 adoption in Nigeria and Africa, as well as practical strategies to drive adoption and improve security. This presentation is essential for anyone interested in digital identity, cybersecurity, and emerging technologies in Nigeria and Africa.