Equity & diversity considerations in identity policies

Oct 19, 2022


Session Details

The cornerstone of the digital world is trust, and key to that experience is a secure and verifiable digital identity. More than one billion people worldwide lack a basic verifiable identity. Without recognizable and consistent proof of identity there can be no financial, health, citizen or digital inclusion.

Women in Identity (WiD), a not-for-profit organization championing diversity and inclusion in the identity sector, established a “Code of Conduct” initiative to set guiding principles and an implementation framework for organizations that are designing, developing, and/or deploying digital identity systems.

In this fireside chat, the speakers will discuss equity considerations identity policies as well as the challenges faced by organizations in understanding whether solutions are addressing equity consideration. For example, collection of personal information to study equity and diversity can give rise to privacy concerns and privacy and trust can play out differently in various geographies. They will also talk about identity policies with respect to diversity, and decisions related to population inclusion and exclusion.