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Video: Authenticate 2020: Best Practices Implementing FIDO For Consumer Authentication

Speakers: Jackie Comp, Rolf Lindemann

Speakers: Jackie Comp, Nok Nok Labs and Dr. Rolf Lindemann, Nok Nok

You’re now convinced that implementing FIDO passwordless authentication for your consumers makes sense for your organization, but where do you start? What are the considerations and best practices for a successful implementation?

The good news is that many organizations have taken that journey, and are benefiting from providing their customers with a vastly improved user experience while better protecting them from security risks. Find out how these organizations have made that transition. How did they align internal stakeholders? What use cases did they address first? What integration was required? How did they message their customers, and what options did they give them? What is their overall strategy for a phased approach for deprecating passwords altogether? Learn how globals brands across several industries have successfully implementing FIDO-based authentication, the lessons learned and the impressive results they are experiencing.