Relying on passwords is passé. Modern authentication systems and standards have emerged to provide more efficient ways for organizations to provide strong security and better interactions with their brands.

Welcome to Authenticate, the first conference dedicated to the who, what, why and how of user  authentication – with a focus on the FIDO standards-based approach. Authenticate, hosted by FIDO Alliance, is the place for CISOs, security strategists, enterprise architects, and product and business leaders to get all of the education, tools and best practices to roll out modern authentication across web, enterprise and government applications.

After years of increasingly severe data breaches and user login frustration, now is the time to embrace a new way to authenticate. Join us at Authenticate2020, and come away with the tools to move past passwords.

Authenticate is the first conference dedicated to all aspects of authentication – with a focus on the FIDO standards-based approach. Registration is open to the public, with special discounts available to members of the FIDO Alliance. Register today to get the most savings!

Sponsoring companies are eligible for complimentary passes, according to sponsorship level. See the sponsorship prospectus for more details.

Due to the ongoing global COVID-19 situation, Authenticate 2020 has been postponed from June 2 – 3 and will now take place on November 9-10, with the FIDO member plenary following on November 11-12.

New dates but the same great agenda! Register now! Note, if you’ve already registered and can attend on the new dates, no action is needed.



Dive In

Go in-depth on the state of authentication today, including: passwords, OTPs and push-based authentication; FIDO and W3C standards; single sign on solutions; decentralized authentication; biometrics and FIDO security keys; and risk-based authentication mechanisms.

Get An Industry View

Discover the unique authentication requirements in IoT, payments, healthcare and government; and how FIDO fits with initiatives like W3C Web Payments, EMVCo 3DS and SRC, and Project Verify


Build your authentication strategy with content on IAM integration, the value of certification and metadata service for assessing risk, and FIDO’s relationship to broader identity topics including identity verification, account recovery and blockchain.


Get a broad view on how moving to modern authentication can help your company meet global regulatory requirements.

Take Away

Meet the practitioners that have implemented modern authentication platforms with FIDO in enterprise, commercial and government settings. Get step-by-step information on how they did it, the challenges they faced & the results they achieved.


See FIDO in action and make 1-1 connections with technology providers helping organizations move to modern authentication now


keynote Joy Chik Corporate Vice President of Identity, Microsoft
keynote Whit Diffie Co-inventor of Public Key Cryptography & Senior Advisor, Uniken
keynote Stina Ehrensvard CEO and Founder, Yubico
keynote Mark Risher Senior Director of Product Management, Security and Privacy, Google