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Dec 07-01
Jun 16

Healthcare has been moving to more modern, digital technology – and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this change. While healthcare data has long been known as a valuable and easily monetized target for hackers, the shift to digital services has rapidly increased the amount of data that needs to be protected. Now the industry […]

Mar 30-31

Authenticate Virtual Summit: The FIDO Fit in Commerce

Virtual Summit

The FIDO Fit in Commerce: Examining the Present and Future of Authentication in Banking, Retail, Crypto & Blockchain Escalating online threats. Increasing consumer demand for easy, secure, private transactions. An evolving regulatory environment. The need for simpler, stronger user authentication for all areas of commerce are greater than ever. What are the authentication challenges in […]

Oct 17-19

Authenticate 2022 Conference

Sheraton Grand Seattle, Washington

Relying on passwords is passé. Modern authentication systems and standards have emerged to provide more efficient ways for organizations to provide strong security and better interactions with their brands. […]

Dec 08-10

Authenticate Virtual Summit: APAC Innovation

Virtual Summit

This three-day event included a blend of global updates, case studies, and deep dives that reflect perspectives on FIDO Authentication from specific regions throughout APAC.

Sep 23

This Authenticate Summit will bring together leaders from the public and private sector to look at the imperative for strong authentication for government services, including considerations for implementing modern authentication systems for e-citizen services and remote government workforces, government agency case studies, the intersection with global policy and more.


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