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Video: Authenticate 2020: HID Presents Moving Beyond FIDO

Speakers: Yves Massard

Speaker: Yves Massard, HID Global

When it comes to protecting enterprise data and securing access, technology has come a long way from the days of multiple passwords and clunky numerical authentication devices. This is great news for organizations looking to minimize the risk of breach and loss, but potentially not-so-great news for decision makers who face the herculean task when selecting credentials. To add to the complexity, terminologies and technologies in this robust ecosystem vary widely.

It’s a monumental challenge to align your organization’s unique needs with the right technologies and ecosystem components; however, it is critical to consider all the options and understand the complete landscape before diving in and making an uninformed decision. In this session, the experts from HID Global will guide you through converged credential considerations so you can: · Learn the importance of a converged physical and cyber credential for enterprises · Explore some less-than-obvious use cases · Uncover the key questions to ask when selecting a smart card or USB key