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Video: Authenticate 2020: Using FIDO with a Converged Access Smart Card for MFA & IAM

Speakers: Michael Gwynn

Speaker: Michael Gwynn, Feitian Technologies
FIDO can now be used with an all-day wearable to provide Converged Access for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Identity Access Management (IAM) in one Fingerprint Biometric Smart Card. This one Smart Card can serve as the user’s Identification Card, Digital Access MFA Device, and their Physical Access Card. The Converged Access Card is wearable, contactless, passwordless, cost-efficient, user-friendly, as well as possessing all the benefits of FIDO.
The capabilities of the Converged Access Card include NFC contactless communication, Match-On-Card Fingerprint Enrollment and Secure on-card Storage (with No Biometrics Data Base), and FIDO2 Passwordless Digital Authentication that works with Microsoft Azure/Hello, many Single Sign-On (SSO), and other MFA Applications that have adopted the FIDO2 Passwordless Standards. The use of a non-connected, non-emitting, and contactless system has increased importance during the current pandemic. The Converged Access card has additional benefits because it is compatible with most organizations’ Physical Access systems, MFA systems, and Identification Card requirements.
This is presented by Michael Gwynn, Director of Strategic Projects at FEITIAN Technologies, who personally brings years of experience with Data and Payment Security. For over 20 years, FEITIAN has been producing secure, innovative, and cost-efficient products for MFA, IAM, Smart Cards, and Smart Card Readers.