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Video: Authenticate 2020: What is the Future of Authentication with PKI and FIDO2?

Speaker: Arshad Noor, StrongKey

As the industry slowly begins its transition to FIDO2/WebAuthn integration, companies and government agencies will grapple with many questions. For the vast majority, the questions will focus on user experience, transition strategies, as well as operational and technical support questions.

For those organizations that have a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) already in place, the questions will be far more complex: • How does FIDO2 differ from PKI? • What are the benefits (if any) of FIDO2 over PKI? • What are the benefits of maintaining PKI and FIDO2? • What are the transition strategies from PKI to FIDO2? • What are the operational requirements for supporting PKI and FIDO2?

This session will address these questions and others for those organizations that have deployed a PKI and are wondering how the standardization of FIDO2/WebAuthn will impact their investments.

Attendees are expected to be knowledgeable about PKI – capabilities, industry best practices, integration and operational issues, etc. Attendees can expect to leave the session with a clear understanding of FIDO2 and what choices they have ahead of them.