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Video: Authenticate 2020: Authenticate the World!

Speaker: Steve Wilson, Lockstep Technologies

The world is racked by fake news, identity theft, piracy and counterfeiting. With AI-driven Deep Fakes on the rise, voice and face biometrics are under threat, but the even bigger problem is truth. How will people navigate the Digital Economy if they can’t tell fact from fiction? How can we trust the evidence of our own eyes, or even our computers?

Authenticity in tomorrow’s virtual world can be rescued by the authentication tools we have today. The FIDO Alliance has been at the forefront of standardizing and consumerizing authentication. Web Authen and similar protocols ― leveraging personal devices, cryptography, device binding and proof of possession ― will be key to safeguarding the provenance and fidelity of the entire digital world.

This visionary talk will trace twenty years of evolution in Digital Identity, showing how authentication protocols, embedded cryptography, IoT and layered private-public trust frameworks are converging on the sort of global-scale infrastructure needed to safeguard the Digital Economy.