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Video: Authenticate 2020: FIDO in the Smart Card World

Speakers: Yves Massard, Bernd Zwattendorfer

Speakers: Yves Massard, HID Global and Bernd Zwattendorfer, Infineon

FIDO has already created a lot of impact within the secure authentication market. Dedicated industry players as wells as the end-customers itself are already aware on the need of strong authentication mechanisms. While currently the typical FIDO token – regardless whether it is USB, NFC, or BLE-based – targets single application – namely online authentication – only, we see an increasing trend in using FIDO as supplemental application within multi-application environments, especially in the smart card market.

Typical smart card application areas are electronic ID, payment, or physical access, which are usually “offline”, i.e. the smart card is used within physical transactions with physical user presence. Also in these transactions, strong authentication is required. However, many services in these areas go online; hence, strong authentication for these services is also required in the “online” world. Here, FIDO is the perfect fit for bridging the gap between traditional smart card applications and their online pendants. In this presentation, we elaborate pros and cons about the possibility of using FIDO in traditional application areas and how FIDO fits into the smart card application world.