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Video: Authenticate 2020: Journey towards Passwordless Authentication at CVS Health

Speakers: Amy Ulrich

Speakers: Cisa Kurian, CVS Health and Amy Ulrich, CVS Health

Enablement of self-help through digital assets is important to our various lines of business and is crucial to our success. Safeguarding of member information is one of our core values. At CVS Health, we need an authentication platform that is both easy to use and secure. With FIDO2 we have realized such a platform which leverages the secure hardware built into devices to provide a simplified user experience with stronger authentication capabilities. FIDO2 has allowed us to implement painless multi-factor authentication that is resistant to phishing. Our goal is to reduce our reliance on passwords and move away from a shared-secret based authentication model to a decentralized authentication model.

Today, we will present to you our journey towards a passwordless world utilizing FIDO2 protocols.