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Video: Authenticate 2020: StrongKey Presents the Economics of FIDO

Speakers: Jake Kiser

Speaker: Jake Kiser, StrongKey

FIDO is the most secure and easily adaptable piece of technology on the market, and for Compliance and IT Directors who want to prevent data breaches, it’s a no-brainer. Additionally, it is a solution that can help companies reduce expenses as well as increase profits. When companies use FIDO, they can expect:

–Reduced licensing and support fees
–Avoidance of costly phishing attacks
–Reduced resource costs for support We’ll take a look at how making the transition to FIDO breaks down in dollars and cents.

This session is intended for C-level executives who are interested in learning more about increasing profit, as well as IT departments who want to make the case for FIDO. Join StrongKey’s COO for a presentation on the business side of FIDO.