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Video: Authenticate 2020: Creating an Effective Authn Strategy for a Zero Trust Pandemic World

Speakers: David Treece

Speaker: David Treece, Yubico

2020 has undoubtedly put enterprise security to the test. Forced to support a remote workforce practically overnight, many organizations have rushed to fill newly-discovered security gaps—all without hindering employee productivity and morale. The current environment has accelerated the need to implement a zero-trust architecture. Providing strong authentication that is simple to use and easy to manage, is a critical component to implementing a zero-trust environment.

This session will examine the lasting impacts of COVID-19 on enterprise security, user challenges, and the move to a zero-trust network. Attendees will explore how modern strong authentication strategies can help implement a zero-trust architecture. Ultimately, the goal is to help enterprise security professionals identify where their authentication strategy currently resides, and how to achieve the strongest levels of security and usability that will support a zero-trust framework far beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.