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Video: Authenticate 2020: How Standards Can Enable Frictionless, Secure & Private Pmt. Experiences

Speakers: Randy Vanderhoof, Christina Hulka, Dinesh Katyal, Christina Aabye

Speakers: Randy Vanderhoof, US Payments Forum, Christina Hulka, FIDO Alliance, Dinesh Katyal, Financial Date Exchange and Christina Aabye, EMVCo

As e-commerce grows as a percentage of total retail sales, so does fraud – and retailers are looking to adapt. With the Fraud Attack Index reporting that 1.5 million consumers whose accounts had already been compromised had additional accounts opened in their name, retailers need to consider identity verification and authentication as a part of their payments strategy. How can we fight against account takeovers and the use of synthetic identities, and how can we keep cardholder information secure? Advanced standards in the global payments industry are providing the tools needed for issuers, merchants, and processors to keep fraud in check and provide consumers with a safe, frictionless check out experience. With the uncertainty of who the real customer and merchant is in the e-commerce space – it’s important that the payments industry be aware of standards, payment technologies and best practices that have emerged to address these identification and authentication challenges. This panel session will cover how emerging standards and technologies can work together to enable security and convenience in the payment space.