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Video: Authenticate 2020: Is the Future Decentralized?

Speakers: Brett McDowell, Alex Simons, Nat Sakimura, Ramesh Kesanupalli

Speakers: Brett McDowell, Hedera Council FIDO Alliance, Alex Simons, Microsoft, Nat Sakimura, Open ID Foundation and Ramesh Kesanupalli, Co-founder of DID Alliance

At its core, FIDO is the internet standard for client-to-server cryptographic authentication, whether that be via web, mobile, desktop, or IoT software. It has been said that software is eating the world, but is cryptography eating authentication? If so, what does that mean for stakeholders in a market simultaneously deploying cryptographic authentication via FIDO, (aka Web Authentication) and cryptographically verified credentials via decentralized identity (aka self-sovereign identity)? Are these initiatives complementary building blocks that will deliver the next generation of digital identity at scale, or are they potentially competitive in ways that may introduce framentation to a market in desperate need for ubiquitous cryptographic infrastructure?

Attend this expert panel of industry leaders who will explore these questions from the perspective of those with hands-on experience guiding the digital identity market through innovation, interoperability, and scale.