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Video: Authenticate 2020: Secret Double Octopus Presents: Welcome to the Passwordless Enterprise

Speakers: Dr. Shimrit Tzur-David

Speaker: Dr. Shimrit Tzur-David, Secret Double Octopus

Passwordless authentication is clearly becoming the preferred way to protect users’ identities due to its many advantages. But in hybrid enterprise environments, the shift can be very challenging. An organization wishing to adopt passwordless authentication must first consider three critical elements: user experience, security, and how well the solution fits current and future IT demands. And while the game-changing benefits of the first two are very easily demonstrated, as security and usability are immediately improved compared to older authentication methods, the third element requires more attention.

Many of today’s passwordless technologies solve the issue fully for cloud and web services, but when it gets to hybrid environments things become much more complicated – legacy systems, workstations of different types and on-premises Active Directory domains are only some of the challenges a modern enterprise will face when moving to passwordless authentication. In order to guarantee a successful transition, organizations must verify that the chosen technology fully support their needs, or risk a partial deployment, which means no real end to passwords.

We will discuss these challenges in detail and show how well-guided enterprises can successfully complete their journey to being fully passwordless.