A maturity model for authentication

Oct 18, 2022

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Feeling secure after having switched to multifactor authentication? Well, we may have bad news for you. Phishing attacks are becoming more sophisticated, and common multifactor techniques such as TOTP may not be sufficient anymore. But it’s not always easy to choose what to do and where to prioritize. That is where our new authentication maturity model might come in handy.

We have concluded that phishing-resistant authentication methods, obviously including FIDO2, are the top level of authentication maturity. But why is its adoption rate not as high as we prefer? Is it because people are unaware of its existence, or are people unsure when or where they need it the most? If it’s the latter, we believe we have a helpful solution.

Your organization may have done a risk assessment in the past or even a recent investment in multifactor authentication, but we would argue that with our new maturity model, you may want to renew your risk assessment and make new choices. Better authentication is key to make your user base more secure.