Binding FIDO Authentication with Digital Identity: ADIA Update

October 18, 2023

Session Details

Binding Fido Authentication with Privacy preserving Digital Identity that brings Accountability will be a foundational change to the digital infrastructure that would balance security and privacy with Trust and accountability. To have safe and functioning Digital Infrastructure, Trust accountability is core necessity across all participants, I.e. entities that issues Identity credentials and Data credentials, and the entities that want to verify those credentials and the users who can control their Identity Data and personal information. As the new data and privacy regulations evolve, and as the economy is evolving in to new Gig economy with no geo borders, it’s a daunting challenge to address the evolving business needs with evolving geopolitical data and local regulations. ADI framework brings an innovative framework that would cater to these needs with its flexible architecture to bring and plug-in geo centric regulations and privacy laws seamlessly without changing existing infrastructure or rewriting the applications and provide a cleaner transition path for Web 3.0 infrastructure.