Authentication is Becoming Biometrics, be ready!

Session Details

The recent trends regarding mobility, digital devices usages, covid19 and the need to work from home have forced companies and individuals to rethink their authentication strategy.
Furthermore, the explosion of cybersecurity attacks targeting sensitive information have targeted corporate but also small and medium enterprises as well as employees.

Finally, the traditional usage of password appears as the old-school and unsecured way to access digital services, platforms or to protect data.

The need to have a convenient and secured solution is a necessity.

But what could be the best option to support multi-factor authentication coupled with strong authentication? Something that you always have on hand, something you can’t forget, something unique? Biometrics!

Let me embark you in a presentation where I’ll show you the benefits of adding biometrics in a smart card form factor leveraging fido2 and other authentication methods to facilitate accesses to the digital world.