Beyond Identity Presents: Making Passwordless a Reality: A Practical Crawl, Walk Run Roadmap

October 17, 2023


Session Details

As organizations navigate the treacherous waters of credential vulnerabilities and user experience challenges, passwordless authentication has become a beacon of hope. But, just because you have stakeholder approval doesn’t mean the implementation is easy. In this talk, we will break down the process into a practical crawl, walk, run roadmap for implementing passwordless authentication informed by best practices derived from enterprise deployments we’ve supported and research recommendations from Gartner and FIDO.

Starting with planning and limited roll-out to test groups, we’ll discuss considerations like transition planning from a user experience perspective for consumers and workforce, edge cases, and metrics to track success. Next, we’ll explore opportunities for optimization and broadening coverage of passwordless authentication in the walk stage. Finally, in the run stage, we’ll discuss how passwordless authentication paves the path towards eliminating shared credentials and a mature zero trust authentication infrastructure, integrating security controls like device trust and continuous authentication.