Biometric Authentication in Payment 支付领域中的生物识别认证

Dec 8, 2021

Session Details

  • Overview of the payment authentication ecosystem and its main industrial standards
  • How biometric authentication used in payment, stakeholders and considerations.
  • The importance to have biometrics solutions certified to comply with industrial standards like FIDO biometrics certification program.
  • Beyond the current scope of industrial standards, what can be evolved in the evaluation process?


  • 支付认证生态及其主要行业标准概述
  • 生物识别认证在支付领域中的应用及行业相关者的考虑因素。
  • 生物识别解决方案符合行业标准的重要性。 (如FIDO生物识别认证)
  • 现行行业标准以外,解决方案评估方式可能的进展