Bringing FIDO2 to a national identity scheme

Oct 18, 2022

Session Details

BankID in Norway has provided secure verified identity, authentication, and eSignatures for all Norwegians since 2004. We now have 4.3 million users, and the service is used by 99% of the population from 20-60 years. We are securing access to 6500 services in the Norwegian public sector and are used by all the Norwegian 143 banks, as well as in dating apps, physical stores and for most e-commerce in Norway.

We have now built the next-generation solution based on FIDO2 and WebAuthn and been in pilot since the start of 2022. Starting in September 2022, we launch in large scale, and provide this new authentication service across all sectors to all Norwegians. FIDO2 has helped us create a just as secure service as before, with a faster, easier, and much improved user-experience. We’ll present what we have learned in this journey.