Defending Against ATOs by Completely Eliminating Passwords With FIDO-Based Authentication

Session Details

Account takeovers have exploded more than 300% over the last year while hackers are emboldened by the pandemic’s push to online commerce. Their new arsenal includes automated tools like botnets that can test thousands of logins per second. By simply guessing, stealing or brute-forcing credentials, fraudsters steal $16 billion annually — a massive sum that demands we finally put a stop to ATOs by getting rid of passwords completely. In this session, we discuss the ways most modern cyberthreats abuse credentials and how FIDO-based authentication can shut them down by completely eliminating passwords.

Cybersecurity experts and industry veterans Balu Santhosh and Raj Galagali join us from Transmit Security to deliver a comprehensive look at how FIDO finally puts hackers on the defensive. Grab a seat to learn more about contemporary ATO tactics and how passwordless authentication is disrupting the playing field. In this advanced discussion, we’ll explore how to:

  • Eliminate passwords from every step of customer authentication
  • Implement passwordless without creating silos and security gaps
  • Solve complex challenges to secure all customer scenarios and journeys
  • Leverage open standards like OIDC and FIDO as the building blocks
  • Ensure people never have to create or remember a password ever again