Featured Keynote: How AI Has Changed Hacking: The Latest Attack Methods and the Hottest Ways to Defend

October 16, 2023


Session Details

In the past year, we’ve witnessed a paradigm shift in hacking — AI burst onto the hacking scene and fundamentally changed the way we prepare, research, attack, and defend. We’ve also observed a major increase in phone call, text message, and social media direct message attacks in addition to the ever-present email-based threats. These attack innovations have revolutionized the way hackers operate, presenting both unprecedented challenges and opportunities for the cybersecurity community to catch attackers in the act and upgrade their technical tools (like MFA)! Join us as we explore hacking demonstrations, stories of the latest hacks from the field and in the news, discuss the implications of these hacks in your work and within your role, and how you can upgrade your protocols and technical tools to still catch these hackers in the act — even in the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity.