Infineon Presents: Fingerprint biometrics in authentication and access – Unlocking the future of security

October 16, 2023


Session Details

In the rapidly evolving landscape of security and authentication, the adoption of fingerprint biometrics has gained remarkable traction. This speech explores the role of fingerprint biometrics in shaping the future of security, drawing attention to both present-day and future trends. One of the most significant advancements in this domain is the transition of fingerprint authentication to payment cards and its impact on the  evolution of the payment industry. But why should organizations consider authentication and access cards with an integrated fingerprint sensor? As we take a closer look at biometric smartcards, we introduce an exciting new technology, its features and benefits for organizations and users, and potential use cases and applications. With consumers embracing biometrics already today, the migration towards fingerprints in authentication and access and the journey towards a more secure, convenient, and interconnected world has already begun.