Keynote: The role of credential managers in the past, present, and future of authentication

October 17, 2023


Session Details

As the landscape of authentication has evolved, going from passwords to legacy forms of authentication and, more recently, to passkeys, the role that credentials managers play in the ecosystem has evolved as well. Whereas providers like 1Password once existed to simply help people create, use, and manage their passwords, these platforms are now tackling a more important industry issue around providing universal, platform-agnostic login capabilities to make authentication as secure and seamless as possible, especially in the lead-up to a passwordless future.

Join us for a discussion on the past, present, and future role of credential managers: how it has evolved, the challenges with pioneering non-traditional credential storage, and the work that third-party providers are doing within the FIDO Alliance to accelerate an interoperable, password-free sign-in experience for all.