Learnings and wishes from deploying FIDO for enterprise employees

October 17, 2023


Session Details

FIDO authentication is finally deployed in a reasonably-large company, after lots of effort. It is user-friendly, phish-resistant, and loved by employees though there’s still a little privacy concern about TouchID — not all employees feel comfortable when the finger is pressed on a black button.

We will share real cases to help other organizations deploy FIDO, and make a few wishes based on the efforts we made deploying FIDO.

We will show the benefits after FIDO deployment and strategies that make more users get on board easily, that ensure unmanaged computers cannot register FIDO, and real user cases we encountered: the good, the bad, and the unexpected. Then, we’ll share how to win the trust of employee users. Finally, we’ll share the wish list we made during integrating FIDO technology, hoping we’ll build a better passwordless tomorrow.