UX Workshop: Minimum Viable Authentication: The Art of Balancing UX and Security

October 17, 2023


Session Details

Come watch UX and Security debate their way to compromise in this dynamic dual-speaker session.

As apps grow in complexity, striking the right balance between usability and security is crucial—especially around authentication. In this session, we’ll introduce the concept of “Minimum Viable Authentication” to communicate the sweet spot of authentication at various touchpoints in your application.

We’ll dive deep into the world of authentication factors, from biometrics and tokens to passwordless, and the impact those methods can have on your users. You’ll learn the skill of evaluating your app’s risk tolerance, context, and user actions to determine the ideal level of authentication needed for the best possible user experience (while keeping security happy). Join our journey through disagreements and silly hats, then leave with new tools to create better authentication flows for your users. Learn to build balanced authentication experiences that are secure and delightful using the art of Minimum Viable Authentication.