Mobile Financial ID Authentication and Beyond (Taiwan Case in Development) 台灣金融行動身分識別的發展與未來

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Under the Fintech Development Roadmap released in 2020, the FSC aims to strengthen the digital infrastructure of the financial industry. To address the issues that account numbers and passwords may cause in the digital world, the FSC works with several organizations and market participants to leverage FIDO and develop other applications. The expected outcome is that once users・biometrics have been authenticated with FIDO and bind with their bank cards, they may use the biometrics to access financial services offered by various financial institutions, and even pass on their personal information from one institutions to another.


台灣金管會2020年推出金融科技發展路徑圖,其中一項重要措施即是加強金融數位基礎設施。為了解決帳號和密碼可能在數位領域中引起的問題,金管會與多個組織和 市場參與者合作,期待利用 FIDO及大家共同開發的相關應用程式,讓金融業客戶以生物識別方式,通過 FIDO 認證與他們的銀行卡綁定,未來客戶就可使用生物 識別使用各種金融機構提供的金融服務,甚至將他們的個人資料從一個機構傳遞給另一個機構。