Notification of first FIDO based eID scheme under eIDAS regulation

Oct 18, 2022


Session Details

The eIDAS regulation is a important trust framework allowing mutual recognition of governmental electronic identities of European countries. So far, 16 European countries notified it’s eID schemes so they must be recognized by other European countries for access to their public electronic services. These eID schemes mostly rely on chip cards or mobile applications. MojeID is the federation authentication service operated by .CZ top level domain operator CZ.NIC and accredited by Czech government for access to public administration electronic services. This service is taking advantage of FIDO as the open standard for authentication that doesn’t bind user to any particular authentication device vendor. In September 2021 Czech government officially started process of notification of MojeID including FIDO according eIDAS regulation for eIDAS assurance levels substantial and high. In February 2022, eIDAS Cooperation Network group approved that mojeID with FIDO aligns with eIDAS requirements. This is the first FIDO based eIDAS notification and as such, it could work as the precedent for introduction of FIDO technology into other governmental eID schemes. Presentation will describe how notification process looks like, how FIDO fulfills requirements of eIDAS regulation and how FIDO is used in MojeID.