Our journey to implement FIDO in a global science & technology company

Oct 19, 2022

Session Details

Tune in if you want to learn how a globally operating company introduces the FIDO2 standard with the option to enforce FIDO-authenticator-registration with Identity-Verification and subsequently FIDO2-only authentication.

From 3 step authentication on 2 devices (username & password & conventual-cloud-MFA),
to 1 biometrical gesture on 1 device (FIDO Auth) .

On a self-hosted infrastructure for credentials and authentications
with a self-developed credential portal for account onboarding and recovery.

Planned Agenda:
Credential Self-Service
A self-developed portal to manage accounts and credential
Self-Hosted Infrastructure
Own your credentials and authentications
Global Roll-Out
Steps in a complex global production company
Hurdles Worth Mentioning
Things we didn’t expect
Key Take Aways
We lost you? Time to catch up again.