Passkey Deployment Considerations Beyond Platforms from an Early Adopter

October 18, 2023


Session Details

Passkeys are now available on all major platforms, and now we’re starting to see support from 3rd party passkey providers such as Dashlane and other password managers.

In this session I will discuss the journey we took to bring passkey support to Dashlane. We were an early adopter of the technology, bringing passkey support to our web extension in the fall of 2022, and more recently passkey support to both iOS and Android. We will take a look at how RPs can work with 3rd party passkey providers on the web as well as via native mobile applications.

We have seen several sites adopt passkeys and we’ll also cover some of the best practices for passkey management through examples that are already available publicly. Signals provided by passkey providers can help RPs to build a rich experience for their users when they create their first passkey.