Securing IoT and FDO Using a PUF-Based Device Identity 以PUF裝置身分強化物聯網安全以及FIDO裝置上線

Dec 10, 2021

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Nowadays, IoT has been profoundly impacting our daily living. While we are embracing the convenience brought by the IoT, the increasing amount of potential vulnerabilities has become a serious concerns, and hence security is an essential consideration for IoT. Securely identifying devices is usually a prioritized requirement because it is the root of many security features.


在這個時代,物聯網已逐漸深入我們的日常生活。然而物聯網在帶來便利的同時,其中面臨的安全問題會帶來相當大的潛在風險,因此安全性是在建置物聯網時的一項主要考量。此外因為裝置身分識別是打造許多安全機制的要件,通常會是打造安全物聯網的首要考量。 在常見的裝置識別機制當中,獨特且不能竄改的裝置身分是其中的安全核心,而PUF是打造這種裝置身分的特殊電路元件。本演講會以FIDO最新提出的裝置上線規範為例,解釋如何以PUF打造裝置身分並應用在物聯網安全機制之中