Streamlining Authentication: Going Faster with FIDO2

Oct 17, 2022


Session Details

Over the past few years we’ve seen a meteoric rise in MFA adoption driven in part by the pandemic, but also through the development of easier authentication experiences for end users. And now, with passkeys and conditional UI on the horizon, logging in with FIDO2 is going to get faster and more accessible for users as well. What’s next then? Well, if the end goal for FIDO2 is to eventually have password-less, how can we start getting our users headed in that direction with UI and UX that promote less passwords? This is a talk about what the MFA landscape currently looks like, where MFA and FIDO2 are headed, and how we as developers and leaders can prepare users for new FIDO2 features and password-less tomorrow by providing streamlined auth flows with less passwords today.