Strong Authentication Requires Robust Identity Vetting

Oct 19, 2021

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FIDO specification addressed a key security problem with current authentication solutions that are based on username and passwords. FIDO solved many of the security risks with traditional systems in terms of minimizing the reliance on shared secrets and preventing reply and MITH attacks. However, FIDO account recovery methods and initial FIDO user enrollment still rely on one fashion or the other on shared secrets (aka passwords). Secure FIDO accounts are still susceptible to account take over and fraud through enforcement of the use of KBA based ekyc methods to perform account recovery and in some cases account creation. The core problem of today’s identity vetting systems is their reliance on collected that can be hacked or obtained from the dark web.

ADIA address the core problems facing online identity systems nowadays. ADIA provides the foundation of a digital identity system for the users that is consistent with their daily use of their identity in real life. In this session we will cover the core foundational pillars of ADIA solution including use cases, applicability and governance.