The Advanced Authentication Framework for Enterprises

Oct 18, 2022


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Passwords have served enterprises well since their inception in 1961 thanks to Fernando Corbato at MIT. The problem today has more to do with how we use passwords vs. the actual password as an authentication factor. We use too many digital assets to remember complex passwords so we reuse passwords across assets and the cyber criminals figured this out (credential stuffing). So with the growing obsolescence of passwords as an authentication factor, what can enterprises do and what options are there?

It turns out that there are a growing number of vendor products maturing that enable an enterprise to consider ways to replace passwords as a primary authentication method. These capabilities fall into several categories that represent choices for the enterprise.

I call this an Advanced Authentication Framework that highlights the evolution of advanced authentication today and going forward while providing enterprises with choices on the implementation strategy and approach.

The launching point is MFA, and ends with federated identity standards. After MFA there is password Camouflage- ways to shield the password from the digital consumer. Then passwordless options that use different authenticators that are binary, followed by continuous behavioral based authentication, Attribute privacy protection and ending with digital identity federation.