The Arms Race for Biometric Face Verification

Oct 20, 2021


Session Details

Face authentication is becoming ubiquitous as a convenient and trusted means of accessing online services, data and devices. An iProov survey from March 2021 shows that 70% of Americans using mobile banking either already use their face to access their accounts or would do so if their devices supported it. Why? It’s convenient. At the same time, governments/banks are turning to face verification for secure remote onboarding for benefits, immigration, digital identity and more. Why? It’s more secure than human authentication and it delivers inclusivity, making digital services effortlessly available to all. So how do we identify and combat the risks to online face biometric security? How are criminal tactics to target biometric systems evolving? iProov can provide unique insights into the threat landscape, thanks to our cloud-based technology and iProov Security Operations Center (iSOC). Together with one of our largest customers, we will provide an overview of the arms race that is unfolding in online biometric verification.