The Forgotten – How We All Started with the Contact Center Then Forgot to Secure it Properly

Oct 19


Session Details

Long, long ago each of our companies started a contact center and began processing orders, complaints, requests, questions and challenges via the phone. As time went by, technology progressed and everyone created a fancy new website and put as much information on there as possible. Creating the website would help eliminate some of the calls to the contact center while providing a better way for customers to engage each of our brands and gather information.

Technology continued to progress and the power of the personal computer landed in the palm of our hand. This technology allowed us to ditch the home phone and enabled the company to create an application for the phone. As the consumer began to engage each of our brands at an increasing rate, the consumer experience was being “monitored” and “mined” for data. Safeguards were put in place to help protect against some of the more malicious gathering techniques.

But what about the contact center? What have we put in place to safeguard contact center? Knowledge based authentication? Stronger passwords? ANI Validation? Birthdates?

Join John as he explores social engineering, something you know, something you are and something you have and the next generation contact center experience.