The Future of Identity: Passkeys and Beyond

October 17, 2023

Session Details

Dr. Tina P. Srivastava, rocket scientist and co-founder of Badge Inc., will talk about the past, present, and future of Identity. From the initial promise of privacy and user experience to epic data breaches that have affected us all, Dr. Srivastava will assess the state of the art and share her vision for The Future of Identity: Passkeys and Beyond. What were the original promises we, as an industry, made to users? Where has the market delivered and where is it still falling short? Passkeys are a big step forward from passwords; where do we go from here? In addition to these questions, Dr. Srivastava will discuss opportunities created by recent breakthroughs in cryptography and key management to make those promises a reality, and to securely migrate passkeys across platforms. She will also showcase new ways to enable user journeys across platforms with the next generation of passkeys.