The Journey of Passwordless Authentication Adoption in 40 Days

October 17, 2023

Session Details

Adopting passwordless authentication is not only a significant project for IT administration and IT support but also a substantial change in credential management and login process on the end user side. We present a case study with one client who successfully transitioned into passwordless authentication for its 300 employees within a short period.

One year ago, in compliance with the Zero Trust architecture framework, Company W (A top information service provider in Japan on wedding ceremony venues) decided to go passwordless for all their cloud services using our Single Sign-On and Identity Management service. With careful preparation, mindful execution, and resourceful support from the IT department, all the company’s end users could completely ditch passwords within just over 40 days (including pilot adoptions). Based on our in-depth interview with the IT administrator and end-user support from the client company, we think such a journey would be share-worthy and tremendously helpful for companies of similar size and bigger who wish to go passwordless but hesitate due to concerns with unforeseeable pressure on IT support and troubleshooting.

In the presentation, we will cover the preparations the IT support staff made, such as a quick start manual, an information session and Q&A at each department, and a one-on-one follow-up timeline. We will thoroughly discuss issues including the selection of authenticators, order of adoption among the departments, and effects of adoption from the IT administration and end-user perspectives. In addition, we will discuss unexpected issues during the adoption, how they were handled, and how they could be addressed in advance.