The Road to Passkeys: Low / No Code vs SDKs

October 16, 2023

Session Details

Application builders are increasingly turning to third-party authentication platforms instead of writing and maintaining custom in-house code for their apps. This trend raises interesting considerations for two popular movements today – low / no code tools and Software Development Kits (SDKs).

Low / no code and SDKs are trends that are affecting many parts of the software landscape, whether it be DevOps, cybersecurity, or app development in general. These trends have also made their presence felt in the realm of authentication and customer identity.

There are many AuthN vendors with different approaches in the market. In this session, I will focus on comparing the low / no code approach and the SDK approach for authentication. I will describe the pros, cons, and use cases of each approach to help the decision maker (developers, CTOs, PMs) determine which approach is best for their app and business.

The session will contain real-life implementations of both approaches along with a deep-dive into passkeys and why it has its own nuances related to the topic of the session.