UX Workshop: UX Challenges with Authentication in Mobile Apps

October 17, 2023


Session Details

Discover the secrets to finding the right balance between security and user experience in mobile app authentication. Join Aaron Parecki, Senior Security Architect at Okta and OAuth expert, as he navigates the challenges and solutions in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Explore the benefits and tradeoffs of using the mobile OS APIs for launching in-app web views, including enhanced security, flexibility, and support for strong MFA and delegated IdPs.

Dive into the debate between native password login and alternative authentication methods, as Aaron dissects the pros and cons of each approach. Uncover the reasons to avoid native password login, such as limited MFA options, inability to delegate to other IdPs for enterprise customers, and increased risks of phishing.

This insightful session will empower you with a comprehensive understanding of the authentication landscape in mobile apps, and equip you with the knowledge to make well-informed decisions when designing and implementing authentication systems. You’ll leave with practical recommendations on striking the perfect balance between security and user experience, as well as an awareness of potential pitfalls and challenges.