Alex Chen 陳照東

Business Director - Asia 銷售總監 , Fime


Alex has more than ten years of experience in the payments and semiconductor industries and joined Fime in 2009. He leads Fime’s regional business teams in APAC, and is responsible for innovating new business strategy, service offerings, revenues and managing both customer and scheme-directed projects. Alex and his teams support customers through various business consulting and technical solutions, including EMV® card, NFC mobile, POS terminals, white label payment schemes, banking and emerging technologies.

Prior to joining Fime, Alex worked for semiconductor manufacturer, Atmel Corporation, managing technical market strategy across APAC for smart payments, banking and e-ID product lines. As part of this role, Alex excelled in securing several regional ‘first’ projects in countries including South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and the Philippines.

ALEX CHEN’S KEY ACHIEVEMENT Alex’s played a leading role in launching the first EMV white label scheme in Indonesia, developing a new service model for NFC mobile & POS terminal vendors and supporting international schemes with contactless /HCE mobile migration projects. In addition, his market insight was central to the set-up of Fime’s Tokyo office in 2013, establishing Fime’s presence in Japan and growing on-the-ground support to meet demand for EMV testing of NFC-enabled mobile devices.

* EMV is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries, and is an unregistered trademark in other countries, owned by EMVCo.




主要成就 在印尼推出第一個EMV白標計畫,為NFC移動和POS終端供應商開發新的服務模式,以及主導支援國際支付組織的非接觸式/HCE移動遷移專案。此外,由於Alex優異的市場洞察力,Fime於2013年成立東京分公司,並增加了實地支援,以滿足日本對EMV測試卡、手機、發行和驗收服務的需求。此外,2021年Alex也帶領團隊幫助澳洲建立3DS專案。 * EMV® 在美國和部分其他國家/地區是註冊商標,而在除此之外的國家/地區是未註冊商標。

EMV 商標由 EMVCo, LLC 所有。



Dec 10 2021 4:05 pm - 4:25 pm
Speakers Alex Chen 陳照東 Business Director - Asia 銷售總監 Fime