Joost van Dijk

Technical Product Manager, SURF

Joost van Dijk works for SURF, the collaborative organization for ICT in Dutch education and research as a technical product manager in the field of Security and Privacy. He holds an MSc. degree in Computer Science from Utrecht University (1995).
For the past decade, he has been working on solutions for improving the usability and security of authentication for SURF’s population of 1.5 million students, researchers, and staff. He has worked on SURF’s identity federation, joining hundreds of Identity Providers and over a thousand Service Providers. He co-designed tiqr, SURF’s open source mobile authentication solution and collaborated with the Privacy by Design Foundation to develop IRMA, a privacy-friendly identity platform. More recently, he was involved in the development of SURF’s service for strong authentication, supporting several MFA solutions of which FIDO2 is the latest addition.

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