Mark Risher

Senior Director of Product Management, Security and Privacy, Google

Mark Risher is Senior Director of Product Management at Google, where he leads account security, phishing, and identity, protecting users around the Internet from advanced attacks of all kinds. He’s worked in cyber security for more than a decade, protecting some of the largest online properties. Prior to its acquisition by Google in 2014, he was CEO and Co-Founder of Impermium—a SaaS anti-abuse and security provider—and “Spam Czar” at Yahoo!. Mark holds numerous patents for inventions in anti-spam, phishing detection, and account security, and has regularly presented worldwide to government, industry, and academia about cybersecurity issues. He also co-founded and sold a digital photography and fabrication business and worked as a producer for the Tribeca Film Festival. Outside of work, he can be found tinkering, hacking, and cooking needlessly complicated dishes.

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