Mikel Grabocka

Security Architect, Identity and Trust , SMG Swiss Marketplace Group AG


Mikel Grabocka is a dynamic and forward-thinking Security Architect specializing in Identity and Trust. Currently spearheading groundbreaking initiatives at Swiss Marketplace Group (SMG), a group of 15 marketplaces catering to the majority of the Swiss population, Mikel is at the forefront of implementing passwordless experiences. His focus revolves around leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as FIDO and Passkeys to enhance security for both employees and customers across SMG’s diverse platforms.

Mikel’s impact at SMG is underscored by his commitment to innovation. Since joining the company, he has championed the drive towards passwordless authentication, a journey marked by the company’s noteworthy sponsorship of the FIDO Alliance, an industry-leading move made in August 2023. Mikel’s vision and leadership have been instrumental in reshaping the security landscape within the organization.

Prior to his role at SMG, Mikel played a pivotal role at Futurae, a Swiss-based Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) startup renowned for its robust authentication and passwordless protocols. Immersed in the complexities of highly regulated industries, including banking and insurance, Mikel began in customer-facing positions, aiding clients in achieving passwordless authentication while ensuring compliance with stringent regulations such as PSD2 and Finma. His role expanded to collaboration with the Chief Product Officer and the product team, contributing significantly to shaping the roadmap and product offerings.

Mikel’s academic journey is anchored by a Masters degree in Information Security from ETH Zurich. His tenure at ETH was marked by remarkable achievements, including leading a team to secure the third place in Cyber Challenge 9/12. In this strategic cyber competition, teams simulated responses to cyber attacks on critical infrastructure, offering multidisciplinary solutions for the leaders of European countries.

Mikel Grabocka continues to be a trailblazer in the realm of cybersecurity, contributing his expertise to elevate security standards and shape the future of identity and trust in the digital landscape.