Bailey Bercik

Program Manager , Microsoft


Bailey Bercik (@baileybercik on Twitter) is a Program Manager in the customer facing arm of the Identity Product Group at Microsoft. As part of the “Get-To-Production” team, she spends 50% of her time as a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 enterprises deploying Azure Active Directory while the other 50% is spent driving those customer insights into product improvements with engineering. She’s previously spoken about Azure AD customer stories and security recommendations at Microsoft Ready & Ignite, Defcon Blue Team Village, Blue Team Con, The Diana Initiative, and BSides. In addition to speaking, she’s also written about minimizing business impact during outages for Identiverse’s newsroom. Outside of the office, Bailey serves on Bates Technical College’s Advanced Technology Advisory Committee. Prior to working in this role, she was a PM on Azure AD’s incubation team for Decentralized Identity and volunteered as a computer science teacher at Warden High School.


Oct 19 2021 4:30 pm - 4:55 pm
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