Michael Queralt

Advisor , Queralt Inc.


Michael Queralt, Principal Investigator & Digital Identity Architect Identity & IoT projects – Contextual driven IoT platform, Attribute & Context platform for Fine Grain Authentication, Authorization & Access framework, Backend Attribute Exchange for Federal Government, RFID Supply chain solutions, Digital Identity Authentication and Access
Experience / Skills – For 7+ years, had the privilege to be the Principal Investigator for the United States Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology – Cybersecurity Directorate performing Applied Research on the use of high assurance identities for authentication and access in a federated model. Worked on the Federal Backend Attribute Exchange developing a Sensor Driven Contextual Policy Enforcement Point that bridged the gap between the logical Attribute Based Access Control Systems and Physical Access Control Systems, utilizing the SAML protocol and XCAML language.

Extended the use of the PIV and PIV-I card into a trusted identity visitor application that utilized the Backend Attribute Exchange for authentication and access in a federated environment. Developed a patented authentication method leveraging trusted identities derived from a PKI environment and linking them to a modern, mobile ready model, using the FIDO Alliance protocols, while comforting the NIST 800-63-3 and FIPS requirements.”


Oct 17 2022 5:15 pm - 5:40 pm
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